Today Sucketh Large

I had written a very long post about how sad today has been. But it was so sad I couldn't stand it so....
Simply put,

Zed (AKC - Stephen's Midnight Marauder) 12/6/1997 - 3/5/2009
I loved you with all of my human heart and will miss you forever.

To all who always remembered to properly worship the dog and never seemed to mind finding the
"Lucky Zed Hair" in their food no matter how far from him we were. Thank You


Perspective sucks, or at least mine does today. I am valiently trying to do something cool for Navah but it is just not coming out right. Therefore I walked away again. I refuse to light table this thing. Will try earlier in the day tomorrow.
I did leave the house today though... Ilyse came and rescued me from my boredom. We had a dissapointing trip to Linen's and things. Why is it that when you have an idea in your head the rest of the world is generally uncooperative????
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